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Aaron Blackwell

Associate Professor

Office: 2049 HSSB
Office Phone: 805-893-4234

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Aaron Blackwell is a human biologist and behavioral ecologist whose research examines health and life history in small scale Amazonian societies. His research examines how immune function develops in populations exposed to high levels of pathogens and how early life experiences shape health later in life in both small scale and industrialized populations. His research incorporates both field and laboratory work to examine biological outcomes. Professor Blackwell is director of the UCSB Ecological Immunology Laboratory and co-director of the Human Biodemography laboratory, with Michael Gurven.

Graduate Students

Current and Past Undergraduates

Nikka Keivanfar

Sarah Bay

Marilyne Tamayo

Robin Pisor

Jason Marks

Alan Fregoso


Ben Trumble

Human Biodemography
Lab Manager

Michael Gurven

Co-Director Human
Biodemography Lab

Corina Logan

Adrian Jaeggi

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