Evolutionary Anthropology and Biodemography Research Group

University of California at Santa Barbara, Anthropology Department

Director: Professor Michael Gurven, PhD

Dr. Michael Gurven’s research group explores how ecological and social factors shape design features of behavior, physiology and psychology using a variety of tools and methods.  Behavioral ecology and life history theory apply evolutionary principles to the study of human variation. Biodemography integrates evolutionary biology and demography to help explain variation in human health, physiology, and the life course from infancy to old age.  Incorporating these separated fields of study into the same working group provides a unique research environment for exploring and explaining human diversity.

Located at the UCSB, this working group occupies both wet lab and behavioral lab space, as well as field sites around the globe.

Here are current broad research themes:

evolutionary medicine / biodemography and life history /evolution of human growth and ecological variation / testing models of human longevity / hormone-behavior interactions / social learning of subsistence and social strategies / human foraging behavior / social and human capital in small-scale societies / fertility transitions and reproductive decision-making / social status, networks, and leadership / mate guarding and behavioral implications of sexual proprietariness /development and senescence of immune function / intergenerational transfers / social and economic aspects of cooperation

email: gurven@anth.ucsb.edu 
phone: 805-893-2202

University of California-Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106