University of California at Santa Barbara

Director: Professor Michael Gurven, PhD

Tsimane Health and Life History Project Tsimane Health and Life History Project
The UNM-UCSB Tsimane Health and Life History Project is a joint health and anthropology project aimed at understanding the impacts of ecology and evolution on the shaping of the human life course. Focused on health, growth and development, aging, economics and biodemography of small-scale populations of hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists, this project combines biomedical and anthropological research with medical attention among Tsimane, an indigenous forager-farming group living in central lowland Bolivia

Culture and the Mind Culture and the Mind
This interdisciplinary project investigates the philosophical consequences of the impact of culture on the mind and the cognitive and evolutionary foundations of culture

Santa Fe Institue Inheritance of Inequality in Pre-modern Societies
This comparative study of inter-generational transmission of wealth and other aspects of inequality and social hierarchy in small scale and other pre-modern societies expands our understanding of the evolution of human social systems

Foundations of Human Sociality Foundations of Human Sociality
Using cross-cultural economic games to better understand the co-evolution of pro-social norms and market economies, this project examines economic behavior in 15 small scale societies.

Proyecto Sanöma Proyecto Sanöma

Combining anthropological research, clinical interventions, and health education, Proyecto Sanöma is designed to examine competing models of cooperative exchange and trade networks in relation to health.