Class Readings and Lectures    

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Lecture1: Introduction

Lecture2: Genes, plasticity, heritability

Lecture3: Optimality and mammalian growth

Lecture4: Human Life Cycle

Lecture5-6: Anthropometry, WHO/CDC standards, Curve Expert

Lecture7-8: Variation in modern human growth

Lecture9-10: Allometry and energy allocation; Ernest 2003 dataset in Excel

Lecture 11: Brain ontogeny and evolution

Lecture 12: Immune function and growth

Lecture 13: Developmental origins of health and disease

Lecture 14: Gl-Obesity

Lecture 15: Aging / senescence

Lecture 16: Pygmies and paleo

Lecture 17: Fluctuating asymmetry, sexual dimorphism & 2D:4D




Homework 1

Homework 2: Due THURS Oct 22 (Instructions to install Curve Expert on your MAC here)

Homework 3: Due THURS Nov 12 (Download dataset here)

Homework 4: Due TUES Dec 1