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Michael Jochim

Beginning in 1992, surface surveys have been carried out by teams from UCSB, Oberlin College, and ASU, under the direction of Jochim, Lynn Fisher, Margaret Glass and Peter McCartney. Over 250 new sites have so far been discovered.

Coordinated with these surveys has been the development of a GIS database for the entire study area of ca. 6000 square kilometers, including information on modern land use, topography, hydrology, geology, and bogs. Fisher has also carried out archival research on over 500 previously known sites that are integrated into the GIS database.

The surveys began adjacent to the Federsee and have progressed in all directions. One notable pattern is a decline in finds away from the Federsee, with a secondary concentration in the Danube Valley.

One survey quad (11 x 14 km) is shown. Bogs are green, fields with finds are red, and empty fields white.


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