Lithic Technology 11 - Conclusion

All of these general trends are readily apparent in the archaeological record, and are recorded by the stone tools and production debris left behind. Certainly, these phenomena are interesting in and of themselves, but their real importance lies in the fact that they are clues. Clues to fundamental changes in human behavior through time. Review the information you have been presented thus far on the evolution of the hominid line, global environmental changes during the Pleistocene, and the five trends in lithic technology just discussed. Use information from both your readings and Web exercises. Then, for each of the four major lithic technologies (Chopper-Chopping Tool, Acheulean, Levallois, and Blade) write a brief synthetic paragraph that discusses the way in which that technology correlates with hominid evolutionary changes and possible environmental adaptations. Interleave your response in your Study Guide.

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