Site DK (Douglas Korongo)

These maps are large scale plan drawings of the area of Site DK at Olduvai Gorge. With the exception of one flake found in Level 4 at Site FLK NN, Site DK contains the oldest evidence for hominid tool use and manufacture at Olduvai. Thus it is a very important site, although no hominid fossils have been recovered in direct association with the tools and the living floor. For this reason, it is impossible to confidently assign the hominid species responsible for the occupation level found at this site. The rock ring is also some of the earliest evidence for the construction of shelters found in the Gorge. The ring is clearly associated with the living floor and the stone tools collected from the site. Mary Leakey has indicated that the rock ring is reminiscent of the rock retaining walls used by modern nomadic peoples throughout Africa. The rocks ar used as windbreaks, or as a base to support the uprights of a thatch shelter. One such shelter, built by the Okombambi peoples of South West Africa, is illustrated. You can navigate to additional information about this site by choosing a location from the "Go To:" pop-up menu below. You can also use the pop-up to return to the Master Map to look for more sites.

Site DK (Douglas Korongo) Detail of Excavations

Modern Okombambi Thatched Shelter

This type of shelter has been suggested as an analog for the type of shelter that the rock ring at Site DK may have sup-ported. Note the large rocks used to anchor the base of this shelter.

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