Site EF-HR (Evelyn Fuchs-Hans Reck)

This map is a large scale plan drawing of the area of Site EF-HR at Olduvai Gorge. This site was initially discovered in 1931 by Evelyn Fuchs and Hans Reck. In terms of the gross stratigraphy of the Gorge, the site lies between the aeolian member of Bed II and Marker Tuff IIc, putting the occupation in the upper part of the middle of Bed II. Excavations at the site were conducted during the 1963 field season. A total area of 19 by 22 feet was eventually exposed. The major artifact concentration was on the surface of the lowest clay member, and appears to not have been significabtly disturbed by subsequent stream action. The concentrations were on either side of a small channel that appears to have been in place at the time of occupation. Thus, this site appears to represent a temporary camp on the banks of a small stream. The stone tool industry at this site is unique in several respects compared to the other sites at Olduvai. You can navigate to additional information about this site by choosing a location from the "Go To:" pop-up menu below. You can also use the pop-up to return to the Master Map to look for more sites.

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Plan Map - EF-HR Site Model