Site FLK I (Frida Leakey Korongo) The Zinjanthropus Site

Site FLK I is the find site for the famous Zinjanthropus cranium, now known as Australopithecus boisei. Unfortunately, neither a suitable plan map nor profile could be located for this site at the time of the creation of this stack. As soon as these are located, they will be incorporated into the stack. For stratigraphic details, refer to the profile for Site FLK NN, as the general stratigraphy, particularly as it applies to the A. boisei occupation level, is very similar. The site is located approximately in the center of the set of gullies designated FLK. The cranium was discovered in July 1959 at the end of the season. It was situated opposite a spot where a number of choppers were found in 1931. In the 1960 season, a total of two large test trenches and seven large horizontal exposures were excavated at the site to ascertain the vertical and horizontal extent of the cultural deposits associated with the A. boisei cranium. A well preserved living floor containing large quantities of stone tools and faunal remains was exposed, all on the clay surface that the boisei cranium had been resting on. You can return to the large overview map of the Gorge by clicking on the "Go Back to Main Map" Button.

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