Site FLK NN is the most northerly of the sites located in the FLK gullies. It consists of a low ridge running approximately east to west. Former erosion has removed all of Beds II-IV in this area, exposing the middle portion of Bed I. The site was first discovered in May 1960. A total of 6 trenches were excavated in this area during the 1960 and 1962 field seasons. Unfortunately, a good plan map of this site was not available at the time this stack was created. As soon as one is located, it will be included. The site contains two important culture bearing strata. The upper one (Level 1) is contemporaneous with the Zinjanthropus occupation leve at Site FLK I, although it contained substantially fewer artifacts. The second cultural zone is Level 3 which contained stone tools, faunal remains, and partial remains of a hominid ascribed as Homo habilis. You can navigate to additional information about this site by choosing a location from the "Go To:" pop-up menu below. You can also use the pop-up to return to the Master Map to look for more sites.

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Plan Map - FLK NN Site Model