Postcards from the Amazon

During my final year of dissertation research in Acre, Brazil I decided that I wanted to share my experiences with the people of my hometown in San Angelo, Texas. I asked the editors of the San Angelo Standard-Times if I could write a column about life in the Amazon and they agreed. Every two weeks I emailed a short story from Acre and these were published in print and online on Sundays in the column entitled "Postcards from the Amazon."  The articles reflected my research interests in environment and cattle, but I also used this as a chance to write about Brazilian life and culture more broadly, touching on topics such as soccer, churrasco, saudade, and the days-long experience of riding a bus from São Paulo to Acre.  Below you can find links to all of the articles. 

1. "Cattle, rodeos, barbecue are popular in Amazon" (Feb. 6, 2010)

2. "Everything's even bigger in Brazilian Amazon" (Feb. 20, 2010)

3. "Cowboys in seasonal wetlands keep adapting to their surroundings" (Mar. 6, 2010)

4. "Riding a bus in Brazil allows time to talk with fellow travelers" (Mar. 20, 2010)

5. "Pioneers came late to Brazilian frontier" (Chico, part 1) (Apr. 3, 2010)

6. "Cultures clash over frontier" (Chico, part 2) (April 17, 2010)

7. "Brazil nut a valued resource" (May 1, 2010)

8. "Country residents move to city" (Bahiana, part 1) (May, 15, 2010)

9. "Moving on is part of the city life" (Bahiana, part 2) (June, 5, 2010)

10. "Laughter enlivens the forests of São João" (June 19, 2010)

11. "The long reach of the World Cup" (July 3, 2010)

12. "Many Brazilians long for countryside" (July 21, 2010)

13. "Massive clues of Amazon area's past" (July 31, 2010)

14. "Beef a special treat in forest" (Aug. 14, 2010)

15. "Rubber tappers toil in forest" (Aug. 28, 2010)

16. "Farewell, with saudade" (Sept. 17, 2010)