Magda Maria Guilhermino

Dr. Guilhermino
Visiting Scholar


Multidisciplinary appoach of sustainable family farms systems, environment and policies


Ph.D, Farm Management, University of Reading, England (1991-1994)

Post doc, Sustainable animal production systems, Unviersitá de LA Laguna (ULLA), Tenerife, Spain and Universitá degli Studi di Firenze (UNIFI), Italy 2012


I am interested in family farm systems in every place in the world in order to learn how farmers deal with production and financial issues, conservation of natural resources, preservation and how their government helps them to keep on track. My research seeks to understand family farmer´s main strengths and weaknesses of farm systems towards sustainability and to promote a multidisciplinary approach for the optimization of social, production and environment tasks. The ultimately goal is to propose suggestions and policies to help sustainable actions to help mitigating climate changes.  Here is the paper that I wrote based on my research at UCSB: 

Why Do Public Policies For Agriculture Matter To Us?


Agricultural policy, Cattle Raising, and Environment in the United States and Brazil


Sustainable Development for Family Farming Systems in Semiarid Regions

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