About the Project

Group photo of the fall 2018 Ethnobotany Group. From left to right: Cyrus, Kirsten, Jeff, Wayne, Stephanie, MacKenzie

Group photo of the fall 2018 Ethnobotany Group on a 'field trip' to the CCBER Community Garden. From left to right: Cyrus, Kirsten, Jeff, Wayne, Stephanie, MacKenzie

This site provides information and locations of useful, edible, medicinal, and interesting plants located around the UCSB campus. Snacking on plants that grow under your nose is a great way to become more connected with the environment and learn more about other cultures. Foraging and harvesting your own produce can also contribute to decreased reliance on processed foods or even the same fruits that come wrapped in cellophane or coated in pesticides at the store. Participating in the collection of utilizable plants on campus supports sustainable practices, such as watering with reclaimed water, gathering your own local produce, and helping to reduce the amount of climate pollution in the production and transportation of the fruits and edible plants UCSB students eat. We are only beginning the site, but in the coming months you can expect to find more information on the wonderful plants on and around the UCSB campus. Enjoy educating your taste buds, but please do not take any unnecessary risks if you are unsure about a plant. Use your own common sense when locating and collecting plants and be sure to check the listed information to ensure correct identification of edible plants. These plants are fed with reclaimed water, so be sure to wash them before consumption! 

Who We are
The Project is run out of the Culture and Environment Lab at UCSB by Anthropology Professor Jeffrey Hoelle.  The site was created and is maintained by a dedicated group of undergraduate students. Kirsten Cook, Cyrus Kayhan, MacKenzie Wade, and Stephanie Austin are currently responsible for planning and organizing the site. Ula Varley, Aiden Patterson, Laura Tucker, Logan Snyder, Daniel Jackson, Hannah Thomas, Sam Hendricks and several others all had a hand in the site as well. We are also very thankful to our plant experts here on campus: Wayne Chapman and Greg Whalert at CCBER  and Cameron Hannah- Bick at the UCSB Greenhouse.  Eric Copsey of LSIT at UCSB created the site for us. 

Contact and Feedback

MacKenzie recently started an Instagram for the project to let all of you know what's ripe as soon as we ourselves know!  Check us out @ivethnobotany or click the camera image at the top right of the page.

Coming Soon we will have an email for you to contact with questions, comments and concerns