Plant Locations

Please enjoy educating your taste buds,
but please do not take any unnecessary risks if you are unsure about a plant.

Edible, Useful and Medicinal Plants

This map contains the locations and names of edible, medicinal, and useful plants we have identified on the UCSB campus. Please pay close attention to plant species names and listed locations and acquaint yourself with the descriptions and information provided in the Plant Database section before collecting. Please do not take any risks if you are unsure about a plant, and use your own common sense when locating and collecting plants. Be sure to check listed information to ensure correct location and identification of edible plants, and remember to clean your fruit with potable water before consumption!

Map Key:

  • small green dot = edible raw
  • small turquoise dot = useful and edible
  • small yellow dot = edible AFTER preparation
  • small indigo dot = medicinal
  • small magenta dot = useful and NOT edible
  • small gray dot = a field or good place to find uncultivated plants

Interesting Plants

This map contains the locations of interesting, gorgeous, dangerous and strange plants on campus. To find descriptions and other information about each of these, check out the Interesting Plant tab.

Map Key:

  • small green dot = Strangely Structured Stems
  • small indigo dot = Flamboyant Phloem Facts
  • small magenta dot = Particularly Pulchritudinous Plants
  • Small red dot indicating dangerous plants = Delectably Dangerous Dicots

Map Coming Soon