Valda Black

Valda Black
Washington State University Graduate Student


3D Geometric Morphometrics; Ancient DNA


B.A., CUNY Hunter College, 2011

M.A., CUNY Hunter College, 2014

Ph.D. Student, Washington State University


Valda Black is a PhD candidate within the Evolutionary Anthropology track at Washington State University. She works under the supervision of Dr. Brian M. Kemp at the Molecular Anthropology and Ancient DNA Lab. Valda's M.A. research employed 3D Geometric Morphometrics to explore artificial cranial vault modification heterogeneity and evaluate how head shape might relate to social identity among early Chanka (AD 1000-1250) populations in Peru. She plans on continuing her morphometric research by combining it with ancient DNA studies to investigate the nature of mortuary collectivity in late prehispanic societies. More generally, Valda is perusing projects related to the advancement of DNA usage in prehistoric and modern contexts.