Kurin to lecture at the LA Natural History Museum

Secrets from the Dead in Ancient Peru

Dr. Danielle S. Kurin, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Director, Bioarchaeology and Biogeochemistry Laboratory at University of California, Santa Barbara shares the history of ancient Peruvian mummies and mortuary rituals.

What can we learn from the dead about the traditions of once-living people?  This talk introduces the field of bioarchaeology--the study of ancient human remains, as applied to Peruvian mummies and skeletons. From sacrifice, to brain surgery to artificial cranial deformation, and trophy heads, Andean people intentionally manipulated their bodies both during life and after death. By examining the bones of the dead--and the molecules trapped therein, scientists can recreate the experiences, behaviors, and beliefs of the deep past.


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When: December 17, 2015

Where: NHM, 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007 

6:30 PM: Doors open
7 PM: Discussion/Lecture followed by Q&A
8 PM: Explore Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs exhibit
9:30 PM: Program Concludes


Ticket price includes admission to Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs, the exhibition that gives you a rare, up-close look of more than 20 mummies from ancient Egypt and Peru. 

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