Anna Gurevitz

Anna Gurevitz
University of California -Merced


Ph.D. Student, 2nd Year, University of California, Merced


 I am a second year graduate student in the World Cultures Program under the guidance of Dr. Christina-Torres Rouff. I received my B.A.'s from Northern Arizona University in 2014 in Anthropology and Art History with a minor in Biology. 


I am interested in sexual dimorphism in the Andes and the lack of standards for sexing methods that exist in the area despite the plethora of human skeletal remains. In addition, I am interested in investigating the gender and identity of the Chanka, a society becoming prominent following the collapse of the Wari state, that existed in the Andahuaylas Valley during the Late Intermediate Period. Lastly, I am looking at the biocultural effects of the transitional period between the Inca and the Spanish in the Central Andes outside of Cusco.


Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Biogeochemistry, Gender Construction, Colonial Archaeology, Forensic Anthropology, Mortuary ritual, Ethnohistory, Feminist Theory, Social Theory; Peru, Latin America



(2015) Gurevitz, Anna and Danielle S. Kurin. Determining Sex for Commingled Remains in the South-Central Andes: A Case Study from Andahuaylas, Peru, Poster. Western Bioarchaeology Group 2015 Conference, Tempe, AZ (Oct. 16- 17).

(2014) Gurevitz, Anna and Danielle S. Kurin. Sexing commingled remains to evaluate mortuary organization: A case study from South-Central Peru, Poster. Society of American Archaeology 2014 Conference, Austin, TX (April 16th-20th).

(2014) Gurevitz, Anna, Joel Steiger, Rachel Middleton, Margaret Nelson and Taryn Ray. Diet and Stress: What You Hair Says About You, Poster. Faculty Advisor: Corina Kellner. Northern Arizona University 2014 Undergraduate Symposium, Flagstaff, AZ.

(2014) Sage, Kylie and Anna Gurevitz. Stable Isotope Analysis: A Novel Approach to Diagnosing Eating Disorders, Poster. Northern Arizona University 2014 Undergraduate Symposium, Flagstaff, AZ.