Ashleigh Lopes

Lead Lab Assistant - Skeletal Biogeochemistry Section

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HSSB 1002


Bone Chemistry, Forensic Anthropology, Osteolarchaeology; Aviation and Mass Casualties; Portugal, the Atlantic Sphere


BA (expected) 2016, Major and Focus: Biological Anthropology: Specialization: Forensic Anthropology; Major in Portuguese; Minor in Education; UCSB



Ashleigh Jean Lopes is an undergrad at UCSB. She is majoring in Biological Anthropology and Portuguese with a minor in Education. Her anthropological interests include: forensics, skeletal biochemistry, osteoarchaeology, aviation and mass casualties, military history, Luso-Brazilian culture, Portugal, and the Atlantic Sphere. She is beginning her research into the use of pXRF to analyze bone composition to determine trace element accumulation of potentially hazardous materials, such as heavy metal. In addition to pursuing her anthropological interests, Ashleigh acquired her private pilot's certificate in October 2013 and is training to run a half-marathon.


F.A.C.T. - Forensic Anthropological Field School, UTSM


An Enhanced Protocol for Collagen and Apatite Extraction in Archaeological and Forensic Human and Faunal Remains. 

Methodological research into pXRF as a means for determining trace element accumulation of potentially hazardous materials in bone.


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Forensic Anthropology Methods, UTSM

Osteology, UCSB