Hari Kota

Lab Manager - Emeritus

Office Location

HSSB 1002


Archaeological Chemistry; Forensic Anthropology; Collagen and Apatite Extraction; Diagenesis, Medicine.


University of California, Santa Barbara: BA Biological Anthropology, Specialization- Bioarchaeology. September 2015

Cal State University Channel Islands: Premedical Studies, expected May 2016


 Hari is a UCSB alum from Merced, California and Tempe, Arizona. On a broad scale, she is interested in studying the environment and the human body, ranging from diagensis in human remains to how the environment influences health and informs health inequalities. She strives to take an interdisciplinary aspect to her work by incorporating knowledge from from a range of fields, including earth science, gender studies, and medicine. 

Hari is currently in the process of pursuing medicine.


 When she's not in lab, Hari enjoys petting dogs, making books, and cooking.



Undergraduate Research and Creative Activites Grantee 2014-2015 ($750)

UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium: Poster Presentee

Department of Anthropology- Distinction in Major: Awarded June 2015

Department of Anthropology- Award for Research Promise: Awarded June 2015


Reconstructing the Biological and Cultural Context of Commingled Human Remains from Burkina Faso
This project will analyze a set of prehistoric human remains from Burkina Faso excavated by A.F.C. Holl, to reconstruct the population's biological and cultural context. Methods include an inventory and re-analysis (see Duppen) of the now commingled skeletal material, and stable isotope analysis of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen to inform on diet during the first millennium, AD, in an understudied region of the African continent.
Dust to Dust: Diagenesis in Context with Stable Isotopes at Kerebe-Sira-Tomo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
This project analyzed the aforementioned human remains to understand the effects of various taphonomic processes on the ability to extract collagen by analyzing burial and environment status. 
Hari's current project focuses on using histology as a proxy for studying human remains.


Hari's undergraduate honors thesis, Dust to Dust- Diagenesis in Context with Stable Isotopes at Kerebe-Sira-Tomo, Burkina Faso, West Africa, can be found in the BABL.