Group Members

  • Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Valda Black
  • Washington State University Graduate Student

3D Geometric Morphometrics; Ancient DNA

  • Affiliated Research Scientist
  • Universidad Nacional Jose Maria Arguedas

Andean Studies; Forensic & Mortuary Archaeology; Indigenous Archaeology; Archaeometrics 

  • T: (011 - 51) - 983 - 66 - 2811
  • Andahuaylas Field Research Station, #349 Av. Peru, Andahuaylas, Apurimac, Peru
  • Lab Manager -Emeritus

 Biological anthropology student interested in both the cultural and genetic component of infectious diseases and public health. My research thus far has focused on amphibian pathologies but I've had a growing interest in applying "hard" biological science to the study of human remains and populations as a whole. 

  • Lab Assistant
Anna Gurevitz
  • University of California -Merced
  • Lab Assistant -Emeritus
Connie Kim
  • Lab Assistant
  • 805-893-4280
  • HSSB 1002
  • Lead Lab Assistant - Skeletal Biogeochemistry Section

Bone Chemistry, Forensic Anthropology, Osteolarchaeology; Aviation and Mass Casualties; Portugal, the Atlantic Sphere

  • HSSB 1002
  • Lab Assistant

Name: Fabi Perez


Cell Phone: 805 245 5617

This quarter: Interning in bioarch isotope lab

Graduating: Spring 2017 with a Anthropology degree (biological emphasis)

currently working on a senior thesis on groundwater management in the Central Valley and its

affects on overall power dynamics and health and nutrition of the lower class.