Imagination and the Adapted Mind
A special double issue of SubStance
March 2001, edited by H. Porter Abbott


Table of Contents (draft)

Abbott, H. Porter. "Humanists, Scientists, & the Problem of the Cultural Surplus"

Cosmides, Leda & John Tooby. To be announced

Dissanayake, Ellen. "Becoming Homo Aestheticus: Sources of Aesthetic Imagination in

Mother-Infant Early Interactions"

Hernadi, Paul. "Literature and Evolution"

Hogan, Colm Patrick. "Writing Beyond the Ending: A problem of Narrative, Emotion, and Ethics"

Mithen, Steven. "The Evolution of the Imagination: An Archeological Perspective"

Rosch, Eleanor. "‘If You Depict a Bird, Give it Space to Fly’: Eastern Psychologies, the Arts, and Self-Knowledge"

Schwab, Gabriele. "Lessons in Writing and Reading: Transference and the Cultural Imaginary"

Spolsky, Ellen. "Why and How to Take the Fruit and Leave the Chaff"

States, Bert O. "Dreams: the Royal Road to Metaphor"

Steen, Francis. "The Learning-Mode Hypothesis of the Literary Imagination"

Taylor, Marjorie, Sara D. Hodges, & Adèle Kohányi. "Minds of their Own: The

Relationship between Fiction Writers and the Characters they Create"

Turner, Frederick. "Transcending Biological and Social Reductionism"

Young, Kay & Jeffrey Saver. "The Neurology of Narrative"

Zunshine, Lisa. "Metarepresentation and Eighteenth-Century Print Culture"





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