Graduate Students in
Human Behavioral Ecology
at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  Dr. Michael Gurven, Dept. of Anthropology, Director

Welcome to the Graduate Student in Human Behavioral Ecology Page. The Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara is a medium sized department with an excellent faculty, diverse research interests, high national visibility, and a reputation for first rate graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition to the quality of academics offered by the department, we regularly engage in extracuricular cross-disciplinary fun, which greatly adds to the graduate experience. In October 2001 the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students survey of US graduate programs rated UCSB among its top five anthropology programs; click here for details. Graduate study is offered in three areas of specialization: archaeology, biosocial anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology. The department averages about 65 graduate students enrolled at any one time. The biosocial program, of which HBE students are members offers specialized training in biological anthropology and in biosocial approaches to the study of human behavior. As students of Behavioral Ecology we find opportunities to research and study with fellow graduates and faculty of the Center for Evolutionary Psychology, Deparment of Psychology, Department of Biology, and the Ecology, Evolution, & Marine Biology Program. The Human Behavioral Ecology Lab and the Center for Evolutionary Psychology are both part of the Evolution, Mind and Behavior Program (EMB): Joint UCSB-UCLA Initiative. Taken together, UCLA and UCSB have what might be the largest collection of scholars interested in evolution and behavior in the world. We have been holding quarterly mini-conferences with the folks at UCLA, to form a joint program/intellectual community.