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The Y2K Bibliography of Experimental Economics and Social Science
The Roots of Human Sociality: An Ethno-Experimental Exploration of the Foundations of Economic Norms in 16 Small-Scale Societies

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Some groups that do foraging:

Andaman Islanders: 1996 report, Jarawa human rights
Baka Pygmies
Australian Aborigines
Inuit games
Hadza:  Bibliography, Running with the Hadza
Sarawak cultural village

Other Anthropologists who study HGs

Tom Headland
Kim Hill
Kristen Hawkes
P. Bion Griffin
Eric A. Smith
Frank Marlowe
Barry Hewlett
Rebecca Bird
Bruce Winterhalder
Joe Henrich

Indigenous rights, land issues

Ituri Forest Peoples Fund
One World
Survival International
Amazon Watch
Pachamama Alliance


Evolution, Diet and Health
Hunter-gatherer health and disease

Paleolithic diets

Paleolithic Diet
Beyond Vegetarianism

Misrepresentation of HGs

Aborigines: Mutant Myth Down Under
Tasaday controversy

Statistics Background

Statistics Online Tutorial Electronic Statistics Textbook
Hyperstat Online Text
Statnotes: An Online Textbook, by G. David Garson

Online Datasets:


Statistical Resources on the Web: DATA DATA DATA!!!! Many links with information on agriculture, demographics, consumer behavior, economy, health, family, labor, military, politics, education, transportation, cost of living, energy, weather


Ye'kwana Behavioral and Locational Data Base - At this web site we present you with a behavioral data base on the Ye'kwana of Venezuela, a traditional people who live in the Amazon. It consists of 18,000 records of 88 residents of the village of Toki. The data were collected in 1974-1976 and served as the basis for Ray Hames 1978 Ph.D. dissertation, and a number of publications in ecological and economic anthropology. The Ye'kwana data base is suited for analyses that deal with variation in behavior as it relates to age, sex, marital status, household membership, and time of day. One can also map behavior onto a geographic landscape with three different maps (village, garden, and foraging areas).

Demography (Fertility, Mortality, census info)

Berkeley Mortality Database Designed to be useful for "human longevity research", the Berkeley Mortality Database was created by Dr. John. Wilmoth, Department of Demography, University of California, Berkeley in 1997. The BMD is a source for US and selected country life tables.
NIOSH Mortality Data:
Produced by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the NIOSH Mortality Data has counts and rates of death in the U.S., for the years 1960-1994. Results can be displayed as simple tables and downloaded for export to spreadsheets.
Demographic and Health Surveys:
MEASURE DHS+ assists developing countries worldwide in the collection and use of data to monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs. Demographic and health surveys provide information on family planning, maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and reproductive health. In addition, DHS+ can assist with improving ongoing data collection efforts, such as health information systems, to efficiently meet information needs in a cost-effective manner.
US Census 2000 - the "largest peacetime effort in the history of the United States". It is the country's 21st decennial census of population and housing.

Health and aging

National Center for Health Statistics
Longitudinal Study of Aging I, 1984 1990: The LSOA is "one of the few national longitudinal surveys of older people". Concerned with the life stages experienced by the American elderly, it describes the journey from independence to dependence (including institutionalization), health and health care, living arrangements, and ultimately, mortality.
National Maternal and Infant Health SurveyAn equivalent to the National Natality and Mortality Surveys, the
1988 NMIHS includes live births, infant deaths, and late fetal deaths occurring in 1988. The NMIHS vital records are linked with the mothers' questionnaires.

Center for Disease Control (CDC): Includes abundant data sources pertaining to health, including

NUA: Internet Statistics: Source for trends and data regarding internet usage

Evolutionary Psychology / Evolutionary Anthropology

The Center for Evolutionary Psychology
Places to Study Evolutionary Anthropology
Evolutionary Psychology Primer by Cosmides and Tooby
The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
Response to common criticisms of ev psych
Evolutionary Psychology and the Emotions
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Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Physical Anthropology
Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence in 3D
Nobel e-Museum: explanation of DNA/RNA/Protein

National Center for Science Education
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Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective
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