Christina Friberg

Graduate Student


M.A., 2013 Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

B.A., 2006 Anthropology, Vassar College


My research interests include the religious practices and iconography of Mississippian cultural groups, with a focus on Cahokia and its northern hinterlands. I am also interested in the relationship between ethnogenesis, gender, craft production, and long-distance exchange in the contexts of culture contact scenarios. My methodological skills include archaeosurveying, topographical and spatial analysis, magnetic (gradiometry) and soil resistivity surveys, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry in shell sourcing, Reflectance Transformation Imaging for analysis of ceramic design motifs, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

My current research investigates changing identities and ideologies during the Woodland to Mississippian transition in the Midsouth and Midwest through a comparative stylistic and iconographic analysis of decorated pottery vessels from Cahokia and its northern hinterlands. I have also worked on many projects on St. Catherines Island, GA with the Nels Nelson North American Archaeology Lab at the American Museum of Natural History from 2006 - 2011.