The End of the Ice Age 4 - Global Physical Phenomena

On the following pages you will find a global series starting with the height of the last fullgacial period and running through the onset of full interglacial conditions. You should pay particular attention to the following things for your written summary:

  1. Locations of dramatic changes in coastlines due to isostatic rebound in glaciated areas, and sea level rise in other areas. How might these changes affect the movement of humans and our ability to locate archaeological sites from that time?
  2. What kinds of general effects would the warming have on global weather patterns? How might those patterns affect humans and/or the animals they relied on for food, tools, and shelter?

You should particularly focus on the period from 14,000 to 9,000 years B.P.

Wurm/Weichsel/Wisconsin Fullglacial ca. 24,000 years BP

Post Wurm/Weichsel/Wisconsin ca. 19,000 years BP

Post Wurm/Weichsel/Wisconsin ca. 14,000 years BP

Holocene Period Glaciation and Sea Level ca. 9,000 - 0 years BP

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