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Anthropology Undergraduate Program

Anthropology is the study of humans in the broadest sense: biological, sociocultural, and historical. Most undergraduates in anthropology at UCSB select this major because of the opportunity it affords them to acquire a sound liberal education, even if they do not intend to become anthropologists. However, the professionally oriented student will also find the curriculum fully suitable.

The aim of the anthropology major is threefold: (1) to prepare for graduate school those students who wish to work professionally in anthropology; (2) to prepare students for careers in secondary education or in social work; and (3) to provide a background in behavioral studies for students who desire a broad education in either the biological or the social sciences.

We offer B.A. degrees in three emphases: Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology as well as a B.A. in Anthropology without an emphasis. Students may declare the major after completing two anthropology courses. An anthropology minor is also available. An overall 2.0 grade-point average is required. All major courses must be completed on a letter-graded basis.

After completing specific prerequisites, students with a B.A. in anthropology are eligible to pursue a California Teaching Credential. The department recommends that students discuss this with the Graduate School of Education.