• Associate Professor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

My work focuses broadly on evolutionary applications to human health and disease. Topics include: evolution, genomics, comparative biology, phylogenetics, evolutionary medicine, maternal-fetal conflict, life history theory, and cancer. 

  • 805-893-2456
  • HSSB 2045
  • Boddy Lab: HSSB 2041
Steven Gaulin
  • Professor
  • 2014-2015 Academic Senate Distinguished Teacher

Integrative Anthropological Sciences, with special interests in evolutionary psychology, cognitive adaptations, the human voice, sexual selection, evolution of sex differences, lipid metabolism and brain evolution.


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  • HSSB 1016
  • Professor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (behavioral ecology, evolutionary medicine, human biology, biodemography, hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists, life history theory, indigenous health; Bolivia, Paraguay)

  • SAGE Sara Miller McCune
  • Dean of Social Sciences
  • Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (Political anthropology of Latin America, Black and Indigenous autonomy, activist research methods, critical race theory.)

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  • Associate Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (environmental anthropology; ethnography; agriculture, land change and deforestation; Latin America; Brazilian Amazon)

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  • HSSB 2073
  • HSSB 2075 (lab)
  • Professor

Archaeology (Environmental Archaeology and Human Behavioral Ecology)

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  • HSSB 1003
  • Associate Professor; Graduate Advisor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (behavioural ecology, evolutionary demography, global health, the family, parental care, marriage, sexual conflict, gender equality; Tanzania)

  • Associate Professor

Archaeology. Mediterranean and European prehistory; environmental archaeology; origins and spread of agriculture and animal husbandry; behavioral ecology, landscape evolution and biodiversity; faunal and ceramic analysis

  • (805) 893-3477
  • HSSB 1029
  • Mediterranean Prehistory and Paleoecology Laboratory
  • Assistant Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology

(indigenous studies, gender & sexuality, race & racism, development, migration, Mexico)

Elana Resnick with arms crossed, drawing in the background
  • Assistant Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (environmental politics, waste, urban infrastructure, racialization, nuclear energy, labor, socialism/postsocialism, European Union, Bulgaria)

  • 805-893-2820
  • HSSB 2084
  • Professor
  • Director Institute for Social
  • Behavioral & Economic Research

Archaeology (archaeology of Egypt and Nubia [the Sudan], ethnicity, culture contact and imperialism, entanglement, secondary state formation, ideology and legitimization, funerary practice, ceramics and residue analysis)

  • (805) 893-7887
  • HSSB 1059 (Anthropology)
  • North Hall 2204 (ISBER)
  • Assistant Professor

Integrative Anthropological Studies 


I am a behavioral ecologist and evolutionary primatologist with a research focus on the links between sociality, health, and biological fitness in human and non-human primates. My work integrates evolutionary biology, animal behavior, sociology, and public health, and tackles questions by pairing behavioral, ecological, and biomarker data. Active research topics include 1) costs and benefits of social ties at different stages of the life course, 2) social and environmental influences on energetics and immunity, and 3) drivers of changes in social strategies and profiles with age.



  • HSSB - Office 2072
  • BioEng Bldg - Basement Room 0202
John Tooby
  • Distinguished Professor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology; social psychology, economics, hominid-behavioral evolution, behavioral ecology, evolutionary genetics)

  • (805) 893-8720
  • HSSB 1010
  • Professor

Archaeology (paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology; Mesoamerica, southeastern United States)

  • Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (political economy, Mexico-United States borderlands, water, commodities, history, materialisms)

  • (805) 893-2339
  • HSSB 2081
  • Professor
  • Department Chair

Archaeology (emergent complexity, identity politics, warfare; Eastern North America, particularly the Mississippi valley and interior southeastern United States)

  • (805) 893-4194
  • HSSB 1036
  • Department Chair Room HSSB 2001E


  • Graduate Program Coordinator

Responsible for all graduate student affairs, including hiring (TA, Associate, Reader, GSR, hourly Student Assistant), space assignments and keys. Tracks and advises on degree progress. Advises on admissions and manages online application system. Manages Graduate Division funds allocated to the department, funding awards and central fellowships. Works with Faculty Graduate Advisor in determining TA assignments and budgets.


  • HSSB 2001
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Responsible for all undergraduate affairs. Advises department majors and minors and processes petitions as needed. Manages quarterly Schedule of Classes. Submits one-time room requests for campus general assignment rooms. Manages Department-held room schedule and check-out. Orders textbooks. Coordinates quarterly ESCI and evaluation process.

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  • HSSB 2001
  • Business Officer

Business Officer for the department, responsible for the oversight of budget and finances, academic and staff personnel, human resources, curriculum plans and scheduling, student affairs, facilities and space, equipment, health and safety, long range planning.

  • HSSB 2001C
  • Financial Coordinator

Responsible for financial matters and accounting systems. Processes and tracks income and expenses. Processes requests for reimbursement and travel advances through Concur. Reconciles the monthly general ledgers and prepares financial reports. Approves procurement requests through Gateway system. Performs one-of-a-kind financial transactions as needed.  

  • Academic Personnel Coordinator

(CURRENTLY TRAINING - please contact for questions)


Processes all aspects of merit and promotion cases. Submits all UCPath and hiring actions for tenure-track and tenured faculty, emeriti, without salary and temporary academic employees. Coordinates research visitors and postdocs, including necessary J-1 visas. Coordinates senate and temporary faculty recruitment processes. Tracks faculty plans and coordinates leaves. 

  • HSSB 2001

Graduate Students

  • Graduate Student


  • Statehood & Anthropology of the State
  • Gender
  • Labor
  • Citizenship
  • Refugees
  • War-time Migration
  • Political Anthropology
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Abhkazia, Caucasus
  • Middle East
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (IAS)

  • Skeletal Biology
  • Paleopathology
  • Evolutionary Medicine
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Primate Feeding Ecology
  • Community and Population Ecology
  • Energetics and GIS
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

I am interested in exploring the causes and consequences of late-life cogitive decline in a non-industrialized setting (Tsimane of Bolivia) with an evolutionary perspective. 

  • Graduate Student
  • Archaeological chemistry (isotopic analysis, proteomic analysis, aDNA)
  • Human ecology
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Zooarchaeology
  • Osteological analysis
  • Research questions: Diet, health, trade, and mobility


  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Science

  • Human behavior ecology
  • Parental investment
  • Demographic transition
  • Environmental instability
  • Graduate Student


  • States and empires, colonialism and culture contact, migration and diaspora
  • Prehistory of the Central Andes, particularly the Middle Horizon in the northern highlands
  • Asian diaspora in Latin America ​


  • Estados e imperios, colonialismo y contacto cultural, migración y diáspora
  • Prehistoria de los Andes Centrales, particularmente el Horizonte Medio (Wari) en la sierra norte
  • Diáspora asiática (Nikkei) en América Latina
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Biocultural Evolution
  • Human growth and development 
  • Intersection of lifestyle factors, health, and evolution
  • Population Genetics 
  • Graduate Student

SocioCultural Anthropology

  • Energy Justice and anti-extractivism
  • Feminist Political Ecology
  • Indigenous and Peasant Struggles
  • Critical STS
Picture of Jake W. Dean
  • Graduate Student
Sociocultural Anthropology
  • Political Ecology
  • Conservation-as-development
  • Maritime & Fisheries Anthropology
  • Posthumanism
  • Pacific Coast of Mexico & the Americas
  • Ecotourism and Outdoor Recreation


  • Graduate Student


  • Maya archaeology
  • Economic systems
  • Social networks
  • Open science
  • Graduate Student


  • Environmental Justice
  • Political Ecology of Health
  • Race, Gender and the Environment
  • Social Reproduction and the environment
  • Extractivism and violence



  • Graduate Student
  • Midwest and Southeastern U.S.
  • Culture contact
  • Identity
  • Mississippian
  • Oneota
  • Household archaeology
  • Ceramic Analysis
  • Ceramic analysis
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Science

  • Wildlife health and Disease
  • Reproductive ecology
  • Anthropogenic impacts
  • Life history theory
  • Human-wildlife interaction
  • One Health
  • Biodemography
  • Wildlife conservation


  • Graduate Student


  • Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Indigenous Archaeology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Human-Environment
  • Interactions, Food Systems
  • Graduate Student


  • The development of fruit cultivation and domestician 
  • Gardens and gardening in antiquity 
  • Graduate Student


  • Lithic analysis
  • Stable isotope analysis
  • Ancient DNA
  • Social complexity
  • Exchange networks
  • Hunter/gatherer diet and mobility
  • Indigenous Archaeology
  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Graduate Student


I am interested in assessing health over time in pre- and protohistoric Chumash populations through the analysis of skeletal remains. I am particularly interested in treponemal diseases, of which the origin, spread and movements are still unclear. My background is in forensic anthropology, neonatal osteology, bioarchaeology, and Channel Islands archaeology.

  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural anthropology

  • Indigenous peoples
  • Cultural revitalization
  • Environmental justice
  • Political economy
  • Infrastructure
  • Settler colonialism
  • Japan (modern)
  • Graduate Student


Research Interests:

  • Archaeology
  • Mesoamerica
  • Paleoethnobotany
  • Foodways
  • Residue analysis
  • Nixtamalization
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Gender Norms
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Behavioral ecology
  • Etholog
  • Primate social networks
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Graduate Student


  • Caribbean archaeology
  • Ceramic technology, archaeometry
  • Island and coastal archaeology
  • Marine adaptations, public outreach 
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology

  • Graduate Student

SocioCultural Anthropology:

  • Visual and Semiotic Anthropology
  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Political Anthropology
  • Natural Resource Allocation and Redistribution of Wealth
  • The Anthropological Development of Theoretical and Applied Neo neo-Marxism
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Rural Anthropology
  • Populist Social Movements 
  • Graduate Student


I am a North American archaeologist, focusing on Culture Contact through the lenses of ethnogenesis and coalescence.  Currently I have been researching Iroquoia, specifically examining the Mohawk during Contact and early Historic Period, focusing on the agency and identity of the Mohawk using color symbolism and pXRF analysis of historic glass beads at a late 17th century Mohawk village.

Research Interests:

  • Native American Studies
  • Culture Contact
  • Household Archaeology
  • Social Organization
  • Political Economy
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Colonialism
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Plantation and Slave Archaeology
  • Southeastern and Eastern United States
  • Mission Archaeology
  • Graduate Student

SocioCultural Anthropology

  • Applied anthropology
  • Environmental anthropology
  • Latinx immigrant studies
  • Graduate Student


  • Maya Ceremonial Monuments
  • Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Iconography
  • Art History
  • Ritual Landscapes
  • Geospatial Science and Technology
  • Epigraphy
  • Linguistics
  • Graduate Student


  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Zooarchaeology
  • Human-Environment 
  • Stable Isotopes
  • aDNA
  • Culture Contact and Persistence
  • Graduate Student

SocioCultural Anthropology

  • Environmental Anthropology, Rural Anthropology
  • NGOS, Resource Extraction, Food Systems
  • Latin America, Brazil 
  • Graduate Student

Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Evolutionary Medicine with a focus on cancer and microchimerism 
  • Biocultural evolution
  • Cooperation and conflict across systems 
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology
Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies, Environment and Society

  • International Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Haitian Culture and History
  • Critical Climate Justice
  • Environmental and Human Health and Wellbeing
  • Disaster Studies
  • Globalized Food Systems
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology

Historical Archaeology
Colonialism and Culture Contact
Spanish Borderlands
Anthropology of Religion
Religious Interactions in the Context of Culture Shock
California Archaeology
Shell Bead Analysis

  • Graduate Student

SocioCultural Anthropology

  • Racism, state formation, and regional elites
  • Labor migration, rural economies, and agricultural industry
  • Alumni


  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Invasive Species, Fisheries, Food
  • Mexico, Cuba, Latin America
  • Graduate Student


  • Alcohol consumption practice, identity, entanglement
  • African Archaeology, primarily centered on Egyptian and Nubian interaction near the Third Cataract of the Nile 
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology

  • American and South Asian religion
  • Digital and physical space
  • Ritual practice
  • Community
  • Heritage
  • Ladakh
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology

Research Interests: 

  • Wildfire
  • Political Ecology
  • Epistemologies
  • Environmental Governance


  • Graduate Student


My research investigates the beginnings of transhumance on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia during the Middle Neolithic.

  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Domestication
  • Paleoecology
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Graduate Student

Sociocultural Anthropology

Sociocultural; Disability; Injury; Care; Risk; South Asia; China

  • Graduate Student


  • Edible Insects
  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Perceptions of food, nature, and environment
  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Food Systems

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

  • Dean
  • College of Creative Studies

Archaeology (Maya hieroglyphic history, Mesoamerican art, experimental archaeology, science studies, culture theory)

  • Assistant Professor
  • Black Studies

Home Department: Black Studies

  • Professor
  • Linguistics

Home Department: Linguistics

  • Professor
  • Psychological and Brain Sciences

Home Department: Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Adjunct Professor; Director
  • Museum of Natural and Cultural History
  • University of Oregon

Professor; Director, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon

  • Adjunct Professor; Director
  • Meso American Research Center

ISBER, Director Meso American Research Center

  • Professor
  • East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

Home Department: East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

  • Assistant Professor
  • French and Italian
  • Adjunct Professor; Curator of Anthropology
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Curator of Anthropology, SB Museum of Natural History

  • 805-682-4711 x139
  • Associate Professor
  • Music

Home Department: Music

  • Professor
  • Feminist Studies

Home Department: Feminist Studies

  • Professor
  • Religious Studies

Home Department: Religious Studies

Lecturers, Visitors and PostDocs

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Lecturer
Lecturer in Anthropology & Environmental Studies
(Summer Sessions)
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Archaeology
  • Human ecology & evolution
  • Conflict
  • Farming
  • Settlement & abandonment
  • Risk
  • Quantitative methods
  • Environmental modeling
  • Peru
  • Colorado Plateau
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Continuing Lecturer

State and Racial Formation, Mestizaje,  Nation,  Race and Ethnic Relations, Indigenous,  Afro-descendants and Mestizo Population,  Anti-Racism, Mexico and Latin America. 

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

population health science; evolutionary anthropology; family demography; life course transitions; reproductive decision making; reproductive health; Tanzania

  • Lecturer

Sociocultural Anthropology

  • Lecturer

 Japan and East Asia; Migration; Youth, Young Adults and Inter-generational Relations; Social and Female Entrepreneurship; Social Construction of Place, Space, Gender and Race; Inequality; Food Insecurity; Transnationalism


  • Professor Emerita

Social anthropology; technology; agriculture; medicine; science and society; sociology of knowledge; China, Europe, California


  • Professor Emeritus

Sociocultural Anthropology (borderlands, indigenous studies, ethnohistorical methods and theory, comparative slavery, non-profit missions, management and governance, the professoriate in the twenty-first century.

  • Professor Emeritus

Sociocultural anthropology, political anthropology, anthropology of history; Southeast Asia


  • Professor Emeritus

Political anthropology; Latin America

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Old World archaeology, general prehistory, multimedia teaching

Lynn Gamble
  • Professor Emerita

Archaeology (emergent sociopolitical complexity among hunter-gatherer societies in southern California, especially the Chumash Indians; California, North America)

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Research Professor

Archaeology, cultural ecology; western North America

Mary Hancock
  • Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (South Asia, social theory, nationalism, religion, cultural studies, feminist theory, public memory)

  • (805) 893-2907
  • HSSB 2071
  • Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, risk and perception, environmental and health inequality, science, technology and society, gender, race and new technologies, public engagement/deliberation, immigration and health, mixed methods for social research, collaborative interdisciplinary research)

  • (805) 893-3350
  • HSSB 2074 (Anthropology)
  • HSSB 2059 (Anthropology Lab)
  • Professor Emeritus

History of anthropology, social history of rural America and New Zealand


Michael Jochim
  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Archaeology (archaeology, hunters-gatherers, European prehistory, archaeological method and theory)

  • HSSB 1029
  • Professor Emeritus

Development, peasant studies, Chicano studies and migration; Mediterranean Europe, Mexico and US Southwest

  • Professor Emeritus

Social change and development, economic and political processes; Africa, Europe

Katharina Schreiber
  • Professor Emerita

Archaeology (archaeology of Andean South America and the southwestern United States, origin and development of complex societies, empire expansion, settlement patterns)

Susan Stonich
  • Professor Emerita

Sociocultural Anthropology (ecological, economic and developmental anthropology, natural resource management, qualitative and quantitative analysis, political ecology; Appalachia, Latin America, Asia)

  • Professor Emeritus

Physical anthropology, primate social behavior, the evolution of human behavior

  • Professor Emerita
  • Research Professor

Archaeology, cultural ecology; Mesoamerica

  • 805-893-2257


PhD Recipients in Anthropology

View job placement data for our PhD recipients

Last Name First Name Wing Dissertation Title Advisor
Aames Jacqueline S. Sociocultural The role of education in affecting changes in attitudes and values toward strategies of elite selection: Micronesia under an American Administration Harding 1976
Aasved Mikal J. Sociocultural Alcohol, Drinking, and Intoxication in Preindustrial Society: Theoretical, Nutritional, and Religious Considerations Madsen 1988
Abraham Sarah Archaeology Provincial Life in the Inca Empire: Continuity and Change at Pulapuco, Peru Schreiber 2010
Acuna Guillermo M. Sociocultural Ethnographic evaluation: a case study Service 1979
Akmenkalns Jessica Archaeology Cultural Continuity and Change in the Wake of Ancient Nubian-Egyptian Interactions Smith 2018
Alami Gouraftei Sarah IAS The Evolutionary Economics of Intermarriage Gurven 2022
Ali Mohamed F.A. Archaeology Sociopolitical structure and the regeneration of the Meroitic state between the 5th cataract and Khartoum Smith 2016
Allen Wayne E. Sociocultural Sustainable resource economies versus extractive surplus economies in the Canadian Subarctic: a reassessment of Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons Chagnon 1998
Altamirano Deborah R. Sociocultural Up in arms: the lives and times of women activists in the World War II Greek resistance Mines 1993
Anderson Karen Ann Archaeology Vessels, Burials and Households: Pinami's Evidence of the Tiwanaku State in the Central Valley of Cochabamba Schreiber 2019
Andrushko Valerie A. Archaeology The Bioarchaeology of Inca Imperialism in the Heartland: An Analysis of Prehistoric Burials from the Cuzco Region of Peru Walker 2007
Arnold Jeanne E. Archaeology Chumash economic specialization: an analysis of the quarries and bladelet production villages of the Channel Islands, California Spaulding 1983
Bamforth Douglas B. Archaeology Predictability, Productivity, and Patchiness: Ecology and Human Organization on the Great Plains Jochim 1986
Bardolph Dana N. Archaeology Reimagining Ancient Agricultural Strategies and Gendered Labor in the Prehispanic Moche Valley of North Coastal Peru VanDerwarker 2017
Barrett H. Clark Biosocial Human cognitive adaptations to predators and prey Tooby 1999
Bell James R. Sociocultural Formal Education and Local Socialization among the Wataita of Southeastern Kenya: An Anthropological Perspective Brokensha 1988
Bettison Cynthia Ann Archaeology The Determinants Of Settlement Patterns Among Prehistoric Agriculturalists Of The Colorado Plateau:  A Case Study From The Lower Zuni River Valley, Arizona. Glassow 1998
Billman Brian Archaeology The Evolution of Prehistoric Political Organizations in the Moche Valley, Peru Schreiber 1996
Bisson Michael S. Archaeology The prehistoric coppermines of Zambia Fagan 1976
Biwer Matthew Archaeology Colonialism, Cuisine, and Culture Contact: An Analysis of Provincial Foodways of the Wari Empire (A.D. 600 - 1000) VanDerwarker 2019
Bjornsdottir Inga Sociocultural Nationalism, Gender and the Contemporary Icelandic Women's Movement Yang 1993
Borek Alison S. Sociocultural Motherhood, Work, Power and the Spanish State: The Perspectives of Two Generations in Catalunya Yang (Chair) 2008
Bornemann Erin Archaeology Tracing the Vestiges of Childhood: Investigations of Subadult Burial Customs for Early and Middle Period Chumash Mortuary Contexts in the Santa Barbara Channel Region Gamble 2019
Bowser Brenda Jean Archaeology The Perceptive Potter: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Pottery, Ethnicity, and Political Action in Amazonia Jochim 2002
Bozeman Tandy K. Archaeology Moundville phase communities in the Black Warrior River Valley, Alabama Spaulding 1982
Brandoff-Kerr Joan E. Archaeology Prehistoric Land Use in the Santa Lucia Mouontains: An Overview of the Esselen and their Settlement Strategy Glassow 2004
Brommer Stephanie Sociocultural We Walk with Them: South Asian Women's Organizations in Northern California Confront Domestic Abuse  Mines 2004
Brown Kaitlin Archaeology Becoming 'Amuwu: Socioeconomic transformation and persistence of the Chumash community at Mission La Purisima Concepcion Wilson 2021
Brown Nina Sociocultural Work in the Digital Sublime: The False Promise of Jobs in the Irish Software Industry Bray 2007
Brownell Susan E. Sociocultural The Olympic movement on its way into Chinese culture Brown 1990
Buzon Michelle Archaeology A Bioarchaeological Perspective on State Formation in the Nile Valley Walker 2004
Caron Bruce Sociocultural Performing democracy: Kyoto's Higashi-kujo Madang festival as a counter-public event Mines 1997
Carranza Douglas Sociocultural Indigenous Communities and the Ethnography of Governmentality in El Salvador. Yang 2003
Carney Megan Sociocultural The Other Side of Hunger: Everyday Experiences of Mexican and Central American Migrant Women with Food Insecurity in Santa Barbara County Stonich 2012
Cassidy Jim Archaeology An Ecological Examination of the Evolution of Neolithic Societies in the Primorye Region of the Russian Far East During the Middle Holocene. Glassow 2004
Castro Alfonso P. Sociocultural Facing Kirieyaga: a socioeconomic history of resource use and forestry intervention in Southern Mount Kenya Brokensha 1988
Chacon Richard Sociocultural Testing the Energy Maximization and Time Minimization Hypotheses: The Effects of Shotguns on Achuar Indian Hunting. Jochim 2001
Chatfield Melissa Archeology From Inca to Spanish Colonial: Transitions in Ceramic Technology. Schreiber 2007
Chaiken Miriam S. Sociocultural The Social, Economic, and Health Consequences of Spontaneous Frontier Resettlement in the Philippines Brown 1983
Cimino Aldo IAS Hazing as a Manifestation of Evolved Psychology Gaulin 2013
Conelly Thomas W. Sociocultural Upland development in the tropics: alternative economic strategies in a Philippine frontier community Brokensha 1983
Conlee Christine Archaeology Late Prehispanic Occupation of Pajonal Alto, Nasca, Peru: Implications for Imperial Collapse and Societal Reformation Schreiber 2000
Cordell Linda S. Archaeology Settlement pattern changes at Wetherill Mesa, Colorado: a test case for computer simulation in archaeology Spaulding 1972
Cordover Jill Sociocultural Communal adaptation in Israel: a study of the Moshav Shitufi Erasmus 1986
Costello Julia G. Archaeology Variability and economic change in the California missions: an historical and archaeological study Glassow 1990
Covarrubias Lorenzo Sociocultural Ideology, Brokers, Political Action, and the State: The Strategies and Historical Transformation of a Counterrevolutionary Urban and Peasant Movement in Mexico Carlos 2000
Craig Nathan Archaeology The Formation of Early Settled Villages and Emergence of Leadership: A Test of Three Theroretical Models in the Rio Llave, Lake Titicaca Basin, Southern Peru Aldenderfer 2005
Crawford David Sociocultural "Work and Identity in the Moroccan High Atlas" Robertson 2001
Cremers Matthea Biosocial/Sociocultural Women in Paradise? Tourism and Gender in Bali, Indonesia. Brown 1999
Dahdul Mariam Archaeology A Regional and Diachronic Study of Hunter-Gatherer Mobility and Mortuary Practices in the Salton Basin, Southeastern California Glassow 2013
DeSilva Sepalika Sociocultural Cultural Practice of Human Rights: An Anthropological Study of Human Rights in Sri Lanka Darian-Smith 2006
Dick-Bissonnett Linda Sociocultural Foothill Yokut, Mono, and Miwok Women: An anthropological perspective Harding 1997
Easland-Whitney Phyllis Sociocultural Psuno Vreme i Zvoncari: an analysis of carnival behavior in Kastavstina, Croatia Bohannan 1985
Eder James F. Sociocultural The origin, maintenance, and perpetuation of social inequalities in a Philippine community Brown 1974
Edwards Matthew Archaeology Archaeological Investigations at Pataraya: A Wari Outpost in the Nasca Valley of Southern Peru Schreiber 2010
Eerkens Jelmer Archaeology The Origins of Pottery among the Late Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of California and the Western Great Basin. Jochim 2001
Eisenntraut Phyllisa J. Archaeology Macrobotanical remains from Southern Peru: a comparison of late archaic-early formative period sites from the Puna and Suni zones of the Western Titicaca Basin. Aldenderfer 1998
Embuldeniya Gayathri Sociocultural Producing Home Elsewhere: The Changing Place-Making Practices of Sri Lankan Tamils in Toronto Hancock 2011
Eng Jacqueline Archaeology Nomadic Pastoralists and the Chinese Empire: A Bioarchaeological Study of China's Northern Frontier Walker 2007
English-Lueck June A. Sociocultural A place for healing: an ethnography of holistic health practitioners in Southern California Bohannan 1985
Erlandson Jon M. Archaeology Of millingstones and molluscs: the cultural ecology of early Holocene hunter-gatherers on the California coast Glassow 1988
Fairbanks William L. Sociocultural The acculturation of the Pomo Indians of Northern California Erasmus 1975
Fernando Oshan Sociocultural The effects of evangelical Christianity on State Formation in Sri Lanka Hancock 2011
Figeroa Sánchez Teresa Sociocultural Mexican Immigrant Family Farms in the California Strawberry Industry Palerm 2002
Fletcher Robert Sociocultural The Call to Adventure: An Ethnographic and Textual Study of Adventure Ecotourism through Whitewater Padding Darian-Smith 2005
Fleuret Patrick C. Sociocultural Farm and market: a study of society and agriculture in Tanzania Brokensha 1978
Fleuret Anne K. Sociocultural Social organization and adaptation among Sikhs in Tanzania Brokensha 1975
Flores-Fernandez Carola Archaeology Past Small-Scale Ecological and Oceanographic Variability around Santa Cruz Island, California.  Implications for Human Foraging on M. californiaus Beds During the Late Holocene (2200-500 B.P.) Glassow 2014
Foor Thomas A. Archaeology Cultural continuity on the northwestern Great Plains 1300 B.C. to A.D. 200, the Pelican Lake culture Spaulding 1982
Ford Anabel Archaeology Population growth and social complexity: an examination of settlement and environment in the central Maya lowlands Voorhies 1981
Friberg Christina Archaeology Igniting Interaction through Mississippian Tradition-making:  An Interregional Analysis at the Audrey Site Wilson 2018
Gamble Lynn H. Archaeology Organization of activities at the historic settlement of Helo': a Chumash political, economic, and religious center Glassow 1991
Garcia Angela IAS The Embodiment of Stress: Do cortisol-immune interactions moderate social influences on health? Blackwell and Gurven 2018
Garcia Victor Q. Sociocultural Surviving farm work: economic strategies of Mexican and Mexican American households in a rural Californian community Palerm 1992
Gasco Janine L. Archaeology Cacao and the economic integration of native society in colonial Soconusco, New Spain Voorhies 1987
Gerstle Andrea I. Archaeology Maya-Lenca ethnic relations in late classic period Copan, Honduras Voorhies 1988
Gibson Patricia R. Sociocultural Tradition and change: local leve lpolitics in Bavaria Brokensha 1983
Gilbert Myrna J.H. Sociocultural Los parientes: social structural factors and kinship relations among second generation Mexican Americans in two Southern California communities Carlos 1980
Gill Kristina Archaeology Ancient Plant Use and the Importance of Geophytes among the Island Chumash of Santa Cruz Island, California Jochim 2015
Gmelch Sharon B. Sociocultural The emergence and persistence of an ethnic group: the Irish "Travellers" Erasmus 1974
Gmelch George Sociocultural Change and adaptation among Irish "Travellers" Erasmus 1974
Gonzalez-Martinez Laura Sociocultural Political Brokers, Ejidos, and State Resources: The Case of Arturo Quiroz Francia, a Peasant Leader from Guanajuato, Mexico Carlos 1996
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