Production/Destruction: Latin American Environments

Event Date: 

Friday, April 8, 2016 - 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Event Location: 

  • HSSB 6020
Environmental destruction seems ever-present in Latin America today. At the same time, this process of destruction produces new environments. The twin notions of production and destruction—so often paired in economic thinking—thus offer a suggestive lens through which to examine Latin American environments from perspectives across the social sciences and humanities. When does destruction enable production, and in what ways?
2:00–2:15pm: INTRODUCTION
2:00–3:30pm: KNOWLEDGE
The Axolotl in Global Circuits of Knowledge Production   
Emily Wanderer, Bowdoin University
Creating Constructive Visions for Global Climate Justice: From the 2010 Cochabamba Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth to the 2015 Tribunal on the Rights of Nature
John Foran, UCSB
Nitrogen Revolutions. The Transnational Politics of Nitrogen Science, the Green Revolution, and Environmental Change in Cold War Chile and its Aftermath
William San Martín, UC Davis   
COMMENTS: Javiera Barandiarán, UCSB
3:45–5:15pm: ENVIRONMENT
Mercurial Afterlives and Negative Ecologies
Ruth Goldstein, UC Berkeley
Pudricion del Cogollo, Post-Neoliberalism, and the Regularization of Ecuador’s Palm Oil Industry
Adrienne Johnson, York University
Cooperation/Appropriation: Mobilizing against Monocultural Expansion in Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Tristan Partridge, UCSB 
Petri Dishes of an Archipelago: The Booms and Busts of the Chilean Salmon Farming Industry
Andy Gerhart, Stanford University
5:30–7:00pm: KEYNOTE ADDRESS
The Forests Destroyed by Bulldozers: an Affective Geometry of the Argentine Soy Boom
Gaston Gordillo, University of British Columbia
Event sponsored by Latin American and Iberian Studies, Anthropology Department, College of Letters and Science, and Interdisciplinary Humanities Center