Gerardo Aldana

College of Creative Studies


Archaeology (Maya hieroglyphic history, Mesoamerican art, experimental archaeology, science studies, culture theory)


PhD, Harvard University


Research Interests

  • Maya hieroglyphic history
  • Mesoamerican art
  • Experimental archaeology
  • Science studies
  • Culture theory
  • Indigeneity



Selected Publications

2011 On Mayan Astronomy and Modern Economics

2011 "On Deciphering Ancient Mesoamerican Foundational Texts: The Challenges of a Non-Logos-Based Creation Narrative" in Foundational Texts of World Literature, edited by Dominique Jullien. Peter Lang, New York. 

2011 Tying Headbands or Venus Appearing: New translations of k'al, the Dresden Codex Venus Pages and Classic Period Royal 'Binding' Rituals. British Archaeological Reports International Series S2239. 

2007 The Apotheosis of Janaab’ Pakal: Science, History, and Religion at Classic Maya Palenque. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.