• Financial Coordinator 50%
  • Academic Personnel Coordinator

Processes all aspects of merit and promotion cases. Submits all UCPath and hiring actions for tenure-track and tenured faculty, emeriti, without salary and temporary academic employees. Coordinates research visitors and postdocs, including necessary J-1 visas. Coordinates senate and temporary faculty recruitment processes. Tracks faculty plans and coordinates leaves. 

  • Financial Coordinator

Responsible for all financial matters and accounting systems. Processes and tracks all income and expenses. Processes all requests for reimbursement and travel advances. Reconciles the ledgers and prepares financial reports. Orders business cards and supplies through online Gateway system. Distributes hourly timesheets and paychecks. 

  • (805) 893-7197
  • HSSB 2001
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Responsible for all undergraduate affairs. Advises department majors and minors and processes petitions as needed. Manages quarterly Schedule of Classes. Submits one-time room requests for campus general assignment rooms. Manages Department-held room schedule and check-out. Orders textbooks. Coordinates quarterly ESCI and evaluation process.

  • (805) 893-2257
  • HSSB 2001
  • Graduate Program Coordinator
  • (

Responsible for all graduate student affairs, including hiring (TA, Associate, Reader, GSR, hourly Student Assistant), space assignments and keys. Tracks and advises on degree progress. Advises on admissions and manages online application system. Manages Graduate Division funds allocated to the department, funding awards and central fellowships. Works with Faculty Graduate Advisor in determining TA assignments.

  • Business Officer (Currently on Leave)

Business Officer for the department, responsible for the oversight of budget and finances, academic and staff personnel, human resources, curriculum plans and scheduling, student affairs, facilities and space, equipment, health and safety, long range planning.

  • HSSB 2001C
  • Lab Manager
  • Biobehavioral Health Lab
Behavioral ecologist and evolutionary primatologist. My work draws from evolutionary biology, animal behavior, sociology, and public health to examine the multiple links between sociality, health, and biological fitness in human and non-human primates. In the Biobehavioral Health Lab, I manage student training, safety, inventory, equipment maintenance, and running various protocols for evaluating biomarkers.
  • Biobehavioral Health Lab, BioEngineering Bldg. Room 0202