Michael Gurven


Contact Phone

(805) 893-2202

Office Location

HSSB 2060


Integrative Anthropological Sciences (behavioral ecology, evolutionary medicine, human biology, biodemography, hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists, life history theory, indigenous health; Bolivia, Paraguay)


PhD, University of New Mexico (2000)


Research Interests

Professor Gurven's research links the evolved life history of humans with high levels of intragroup cooperation. He has conducted fieldwork for two decades with South American indigenous populations, and his work takes an evolutionary perspective on behavior, health, physiology and psychology. Since 2002, Gurven has co-directed the Tsimane’ Health and Life History Project to better understand how aspects of environment and lifestyle affect health and lifespan in subsistence-level societies. His research applies an evolutionary lens to help inform our understanding of today’s complex diseases. His current research in biodemography and health disparities helps understand environmental and social impacts on growth, development and aging across the lifespan. He also focuses on how acculturation and market integration have impacted demographic and social patterns, and chronic disease risk (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, dementia) among indigenous populations. 



Sample Publications